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DCC Solutions is the No.1 place for DCC installations, modifications, sales and DCC repairs.


Wishing all our customers and regular visitors to our site a very 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We would like to thank all our customers for allowing us to work on your trains throughout the year and appreciated the business through our online store.

I would also like to thank those for their support and helped me during a very difficult 2017 due to ongoing health issues. It has been a tough, long year but my health has improved and I've been slowly returning back to working on installations again. 

Looking forward to 2018, with some new model releases expected and being able to bring them to life with sound and lights.

I will be taking a break during the festive season and DCC Solutions will be closed from 22nd December until 10th January.
Our online store will still be open but allow a little extra time to process your orders.


New Sound Installations


Auscision 48/830 Class - DCC with Sound and Light Modifications

With the release of this model soon from Auscision we have added a new website page explaining our DCC offerings that will impress you including a completely Custom Built ALCo 6-251B Sound Project packed with more sounds, features and with our usual light modification upgrades your new 48 Class model will certainly turn some heads.


Eureka NSWGR 40 Class - DCC with Sound and Light Modifications

Packed with more sounds and features than any other sound decoder, it includes the ALCo 12-244 prime mover sound with cold and hot start up, Full Throttle-Drive Hold, Working Brake, Coasting on Demand, Move off and stopping sounds plus all the additions sounds and functions which we include with all our Custom Sound Projects. 

Don't just settle for old outdated generic sounds and functions, have your model 40 Class sounding like a 40 Class.with the latest sound offering from DCC Solutions.


Southern Rail NSWGR 10 Class - DCC with Sound

With the release of the Southern Rail NSWGR 10 Class Locomotive in DC- non sound at the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition, DCC Solutions will also be releasing our latest Custom Sound Project to suit the model.
We have completed our sound installation on the model. During our installation we discovered a manufacturing fault with the design that holds the speaker in place causing poor and distorted sound, but after rectifying the problem we are back testing and fine tuning the sound project to suit the model. Hope this fault is just a one off problem and doesn't impact all DC-non sound models.
More info will be added to our website soon. Keep Watching!

What else is new in Sound

We are busy working away at updating our Custom Sound Projects to include new recorded sounds and features to make your sound equipped locomotives operate and sound more prototypical than ever before. What's all the fuss...well have a read about it by clicking on the BLUE tab to the right.

This is a massive and time consuming exercise to upgrade our extensive Custom Sound Library but as we offer some of the best sound projects on the market it is definitely worth it. We will be gradually updating our installation pages on our website to include all the new information for every Sound Project and what we offer.  


Check out these specials!

What's New at DCC Solutions


The Auscision NSW "V Set" Interurban Electric Train will require 2 decoders for the model to be able to operate the front and rear lights in both directions. We have put together a pre-programmed package to suit the new release of the Auscision "V Set". Click on the "V Set" image for more info.

New Sounds just for the UK Modeller now available from DCC Solutions!
Introducing the best value and most accurate new UK sound decoders on the market for both steam and diesel locomotives. These budget-friendly sound decoders will pack a big punch and are equipped with several UK-specific features and totally new sound sets, to create the experience our customers have been missing out on with value they have never seen! 
And the best news is that they are now available to order from DCC Solutions right here in Australia.
DCC Decoders specifically setup and programmed for Australian Locomotives.

Pre-programmed Decoders.

Simply Plug and Go!

Nothing more to do.

Not sure which decoder to buy for your locomotive.                Confused about the different types of decoders?
Don't worry...we have it sorted to make your job easier.

To make purchasing the right decoder, we have selected a number of Australian HO Models from our local manufacturers and have pre-programmed a quality decoder to suit that model with the correct decoder settings and your own Loco Call-Up ID Number to make your purchase and install easy.

Here's a few Best Sellers with many more models available and the list will keep growing!


Get SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoders for less $$$$$ with their budget range

Want more information about the Soundtraxx Econami, simply click on the ad above.

Soundtraxx is currently out of stock of their  ECO-100 and ECO-200 sound decoders

We have plenty of stock of the ECO-100 at the moment but will not be able to order any more until further notice.

Read what Soundtraxx has to say about this on our NEWS page


Latest News

For all the latest news and updates, visit our news page.

Welcome to DCC Solutions

The place to come for DCC installations, modifications, sales and repairs.

We specialise in installing DCC into your prized collection of locomotives.

From basic DCC motor control through to sound and lighting modifications we can customise your installation to suit your needs and budget.


We recognise that model railway enthusiast like their locomotives to operate and sound as close to the real thing, so we are constantly looking at ways to achieve these requirements.


Specialising in lighting control we have improved the factory installed lighting on many new release locomotives as well as some older models.

Where possible separating the lighting for more prototypical control. On some models we have achieved up to 12 individual lighting functions for total prototypical light control.


Other areas important to the serious modeller are sound and motor control.

In some locomotives we can provide sounds that are authentic while in others we will customise the sounds to try achieve the closest possible sound for our Australian locos that is available with current resources.


We have tweaked the motor control on certain decoders to provide super slow speeds perfect for those who like their locos to move off slowly or like to operate shunting.


And most importantly, we provide an honest, reliable and quality customer service with advice and recommendations regarding your DCC installation.

Have a look around the website and see what we can do with your locomotives. We don't just work on Australian Locomotives or the locomotives displayed on our installation page but any locomotive including, Ready to Run, American, British, European,

and Scales N - HO - O, HOn3

So if you have converted your layout to DCC and are discovering the potential possibilities DCC has to offer and want DCC installed in your locomotives, even that box of bad runners you have in storage, do not hesitate to contact us if you have an enquiry or question regarding DCC.

You will be surprised with some of the results we have achieved.

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The DCC Solutions Team