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The 2 Function Power Amplifier for ESU LokSound Decoders

Many new release locomotives include the 21 Pin MTC socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder. If you have chosen the ESU LokSound Range of 21 Pin decoders, such as the LokSound Select, LokSound V4.0 or LokPilot V4.0, they only have 4 function outputs that are amplified to be able to drive loads directly such as LED lighting. These decoders have two additional outputs which are not amplified but can be via the use of this Power Amplifier.



By making simple wiring alterations to the manufacturer’s circuit board and installing the Power Amplifier you will be able to reproduced prototypical features for operating the headlights, white markers, red marker lights and ditch lights.  The front and rear headlights will operate directional with the Headlight function Key. Then you have the choice of 4 lights that can be assigned to 4 individual function keys of your choice. The Power Amplifier is so versatile that it can provide many other lighting options by connecting the output wires to any light wire of your choice to be controlled by AUX 3 and AUX 4.


Now you can enjoy more prototypical lighting and sound in your locomotive.

Suitable for use with any ESU 21 Pin Decoder.


IMPORTANT: The modification requires soldering onto the circuit board components. Any modifications will void your warranty and all responsibility lies with the person making these modifications. DCC Solutions are not liable for damage caused by the incorrect connection of this Power Amplifier.


On Track Models 82 Class Power Amplifier