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Decoder Wire AWG36 - Green (Function/AUX 1) - 35% OFF

$5.20 $8.00

The CHEAPEST 36G DCC wire in Australia.

This is a 10 metre roll which works out at $0.52 a metre.

Super Special - Save 35%

Was $8.00 NOW ONLY $5.20

This wire is a thin (AWG36) extremely flexible cable with an outside diameter of only 0.5 mm (0.02 inch).

Excellent for DCC decoder installations and other wiring applications.

Available in all the NMRA-standard DCC colours.

Packaged in 10 metre (30 feet) bundles.


Colour coding: GREEN (Function/AUX 1)

Length: 10 metres

Outside diameter: 0.5 mm

Maximum allowable voltage: 21 V


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