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DCCS-Micro Connector - 2 Pin Black Wires Save 38%

$14.95 $19.95

$19.95 less 25%  Special Price $14.95.....Saving you $5.00

This is a two pin, 1 mm (0.039") pitch, micro quick plug wired connector. These micro connectors are nearly half the size of the small Mini Connectors that are available on the market. When connected together it is 2.38mm wide by 1.44mm high by 3mm long, and it has 160mm long extremely flexible cable with an outside diameter of only 0.5 mm black wires on both ends.

Idea for hardwire situations where you may have to remove or disconnect certain components from time to time for example wire connections between a locomotive and tender, between carriages for lighting, speakers, lighting between locomotive body and chassis.


Technical data:

Number of connector pins: 2

Distance between connector pins: 1.0 mm pitch

Wire type: Stranded wire with heat shrink tubing insulation

Length of wire: 160 mm

Outside diameter of wire: 0.5 mm

Wire colour coding: Black/Black

Maximum allowable voltage: 30 Volts


This product is an alternative to the TCS-1437 2-Pin Micro Connector

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