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TCS - WOW-101 Steam Sound

$155.00 $174.95

Retail Price: $174.95 OUR PRICE: $155.00

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A full featured, 6 function, hardwire sound decoder.

This version can be hardwired or it can be used with any 9-Pin JST harnesses, it does not come with Keep-Alive™ and does not include onboard resistors for LED's.

Includes Light Steam, Medium Steam, Heavy Steam, Reading and Northern #425, Baldwin 10 Wheeler, C&T K27 #463, C&T K36 #484, and more.


• Improved Audio Assist now adjusts sounds and functions! No CV’s needed!

• 5 NEW Chuff Sets (Optional Articulation for all chuff sets) Total: 9 Chuff Sets

• 20+ NEW Whistles (including Buffalo Creek and Gauley #4) Total: 60 Whistles

• 22+ NEW Bells. Total: 40 Bells

• Rotate Whistles and bells with the press of a button. No CV’s needed!

• 9 Air Compressors including SP Cab Forward

• 5 New Rod Clank recordings

• Improved Braking and Braking Sounds

• Selectable Power Braking

• Switching and Mainline Momentum

This decoder has a 9-Pin JST on the front. It is compatible with any T-Series harness and also includes an auxiliary harness for attaching your speaker, cam, Keep-Alive™, and for the additional lighting functions (F3 and F4).

Keep-Alive™ sold seperately.

Included is the TCS auto-adjusting BEMF for outstanding slow speed performance and hassle free set up. Also includes Quiet Drive for super quiet engine performance. Audio Assist programming

Dimensions: 1.35" x .66" x 0.22" or 34.29mm x 16.72mm x 5.59mm

SKU: 1516

Suitable for most HO scale steam locomotives.

This decoder does not come with an 8 Pin Plug



This decoder is covered by the TCS Goof Proof one year, no questions asked warranty. 

TCS will repair/replace the decoder even if you accidentally damage it. 

Decoders should be sent directly to TCS and will be repaired or replaced at TCS' discretion.

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