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ESU SELECT Sound Decoder - 21 Pin

$155.00 $165.00


NOTE : This decoder does NOT include a speaker. Please visit our Speaker Section for a speaker suitable for all decoder brands that will best fit your installation.

ESU SELECT Sound decoder programmed with any of the sound files available for the LokSound Select decoder from ESU and DCC Solutions will then set up the file to suit your locomotive.

Decoders Available: LokSound Select 21 Pin Plug

ESU is proud to present the brand-new LokSound Select decoder. The LokSound Select decoder was designed with all their past experience, while considering many suggestions of ESU users.

The LokSound Select is a versatile DCC & DC “Dual Mode” decoder integrating a full-featured, 8 channel sound system, six lighting outputs and a 1.1A motor controller. While the LokSound Select only measures 1.18” x 0.59” (30mm x 15mm), due to its unique thermal design, it does (like all genuine LokSound decoders) not need any heat sinks.

We stock the LokSound Select with an 8 pin or 21 pin NMRA connector to make it a “plug & play” decoder. The 8 pin can be used in hardwired applications for Non-DCC Ready locomotives while the wireless version 21 pin MTC interface is suitable for many new release Australian Locomotives. It also contains on board capacitance for smooth operation. For the LokSound Select, we offer a comprehensive range of new high-power speakers, rated 4 or 8 Ohms that are sold separately.

The LokSound Select has DC or DCC Operation, 2 or 4 Digit Addressing, 14-28-128 Speed Steps, and Consisting. It supports all DCC programming modes including POM (Programming on the Main). Programming configuration variables (CV’s) is especially simple. It also allows updating the internal firmware making it future-proof. This means, the internal software on the decoder‘s memory can be replaced by new versions supplied by ESU when new features, improvements or bug fixes are released.

ESU introduces the more improved fifth generation of load control. The standard frequency is adjusted adaptively to the speed with a basic frequency of 40 kHz. The result is an even better slow driving performance, ideal for older 3-pole or coreless motors. With this ESU sets a new standard and nowhere else will you find better motor control. Here at DCC Solutions we have tweaked and programmed the decoder to provide super slow speeds perfect for those who like their locos to move off slowly or like to operate shunting.

The LokSound Select comes with a 32 MBit memory chip. The sounds stored therein are from the ESU factory sound files which offer selectable sounds including multiple Prime Mover sounds, up to 16 horns or whistles, 2 different brake squeals, and 2 different bells or bell rates. By just changing one CV, you can select your favourite one. This allows an easier adjustment to your model.

Each LokSound Select include 6 light outputs with 0.25A current rating. These outputs can be assigned and controlled individually for the use of lights, smoke units, servos, etc.. They provide full support for all lighting functions and brightness.

The LokSound SELECT is blank decoder that requires the sound file to be programmed onto the decoder. So lets us know what locomotive the decoder is intended for and we will provide you with the correct version to fit inside the loco and load the sound project with your Loco Call Up ID

By letting us know the loco this decoder is intended for and will pre-program the motor settings, functions and select the correct prime mover sound and the best horn or whistle available in the ESU factory sound file to suit that loco so that is runs the way it should. :)

We also stock a great range of speakers including our own range of High Performance Dynamic Speakers for use with this Decoder. If your locomotive does not have a factory speaker installed, don't forget to check out our speaker section to include a speaker. Not sure which speaker is suitable for your locomotive then contact us first before making a decoder purchase.

Decoder Specifications:

•Size: 1.24 x 0.62 x 0.26 Inch (31 x 15.5 x 6.5 mm)

•Connection: 8 pin plug or 21MTC Integral Connector

•Motor Rating: 1.1 Amp

•Functions: 21MTC (4) 250mA outputs (500mA Total) + 2 Logical

•Functions: 8 Pin Plug (6) 250mA outputs (500mA Total)

•BEMF: Yes

•Sound: Programmable ESU Factory Sound File ONLY

•Speaker Rating: SPEAKER NOT INCLUDED - Requires Speakers Rated at 1.0W, 4-8 ohm

•Protocol: NMRA DCC Compliant


Please Specify the Locomotive Model and Manufacturer for correct decoder and sound. Include your prefered Loco Call Up Id

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