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LEDs 3mm Round Top White (6 Pack) - 50% Off

$6.95 $13.95

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Retail Price: $13.95 LESS 50% OUR PRICE: $6.95

Perfect for headlights in modern model locomotives

Replacement for bulbs in older style locomotives to reduce current draw in DCC applications.

Will last more than 40 times longer than a standard bulb so it will probably outlast the life of your locomotive. 


The illumination colour is WHITE, which is a pure white providing an excellent representation of headlights in more modern running locomotives.

Priced at $3.45 each in retail stores consider these to be a real bargain.



• Component type: LED 3mm Round Top

• Optical Lense: Water Clear

• Wires Attached: No

• Maximum allowable forward voltage for White: 3,0 V

• Maximum allowable operating current: 20 mA

• Resistors Included : YES

• Quanity: 6 Pack

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