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DCCS - Speaker 20x40mm 4 ohm 2 watt NO Enlcosure Only For ESU Decoders

$15.00 $19.95

New to the DCCS range of speakers is this large sized rectangle speaker which is a perfect fit for many recent release models from Auscision which are "Sound Ready" and include an enclosure insdie the model.

Producing great sounds and volume this speaker is perfect for locomotives that require BIG sound. :D

This speaker will fit inside the speaker enclosures built into the chassis of the following locomotives:

Auscision NSWGR 421.422, 43, 442, 46, 86, XPT CLASS 

Auscision VICR C, N, CLASS 

Auscision SAR AN, 700 CLASS

Auscsion GT46-ACe


The speaker is suitable for use with LokSound Select, LokSound V4.0, LokSound V4.0 Micro, LokSound L and LokSound XL decoders.

This is a 4 ohm, 2 watt Speaker . Check the decoder specifications before installation of this speaker.


DCCS-"20404' Specifications:

Total Height - 5.8mm

Total Size - 40mm x 20mm

Impedance - 4 ohms

Nominal Power Rating - 2.0 Watt

Max Power Rating - 3.0 Watt

Frequency Range - 200Hz~20kHz

Max. Sound Pressure Level - 83db


No Enclosure Included


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