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Heat Shrink Mini 1.0mm (12 pack) ORANGE

$2.60 $3.30

This small Heat Shrink Tube is just 1.0mm in diameter which is perfect for insulating joints using our thin (AWG36) decoder wire which has an inside diameter of only 0.6mm. Why use 1.5mm heat shrink on 0.5mm wire when this heat shrink fits perfectly over the decoder wire.

We have sourced this 1.0mm heat shrink to match DCC standard wire colours and have had it machined cut into 100mm lengths for easy use.

This small heat shrink is essential for all decoder installations.

Each pack contains enough for approximately 120 joints.

• Diameter : 1.0mm

• Length : 100mm

• Color : Orange

• Applicable wire range: 0.5mm-0.7mm

• Quantity: 12

• Joints : Approx. 120

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