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NANO RESISTORS for LEDs 2.2k Ohm (10 Pack)


DCCS Nano Series Resistors (10 Pack)

As the name “Nano” suggests these are tiny resistors, with measurements of only 3.1mm x 1.7mm in size.

The standard resistors found in retail stores are 6.0mm x 2.3mm, so these Nano Resistors require less space and perfect for use with LED installations in your model locomotives.

If you plan to use LEDs, then a resistor must be wired in series with the LEDs. It should have a rating between 470 Ohms and 2.2 k Ohms. Operating the LEDs without a resistor will lead to their immediate destruction! In some cases, it may even damage the function output of your DCC decoder. :mad:

Unlike light bulbs, LEDs are polarity sensitive. The negative (cathode) end of the LED is connected to a resistor in series to the function output of your DCC decoder, the positive (anode) end is connected to the blue function common wire on your DCC decoder.

This DCCS Nano Series 2.2k Ohm Resistor can be used if you require less brightness from your LED

Resistor Specifications:

• Product Range: Nano Series

• Resistance: 2.2k Ohm

• Power Rating: 250mW

• Tolerance: ± 5%,

• Voltage Rating: 200V

• Case Style: Axial Leaded

• Element Type: Carbon Film

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