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DCC Solutions - Plug and Go! DCC Decoders

DCC Decoders specifically setup and pre-programmed for Australian Model Locomotives by DCC Solutions.

Simply Plug and Go!

Nothing more for you to do!

To make purchasing the right decoder, we have selected a number of Australian HO Models from our local manufacturers and have pre-programmed a robust, high quality DCC decoder from ESU to suit that model with the correct decoder settings and your own DCC Loco Call-Up ID Number to make it run just right and this will make your purchase and installation easy.

To help find the right decoder for your model easier, we have split the selection into 3 groups: 1-NSW locos, 2-VIC locos and 3-OTHER locos
There are a couple of models listed which are not DCC Ready for a simple Plug & Go! install but the decoders are pre-program ready for installation.

Here at DCC Solutions we have taken the guess work out of choosing the right decoder for your model.

Technical Details

Operational Modes: 

NMRA/DCC with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps, DCC RailCom®

DCC 2-digit and 4-digit addresses (long and short addresses)

Analog DC (de-selectable)

Automatic recognition of operational mode and DCC speed selection

Supports Lenz® LG100, Roco® braking section

Switching speed with acceleration & deceleration values selectable

RailComPlus® automatic detection by the command station
DCC Consist Address Mode   

Motor Control:

0.9 A continuous load

Runs DC and coreless motors

Silent, safe 20 kHz pulse width frequency motor regulation

Motor output overload protection
Back EMF (de-selectable)

Function Outputs: 

4 lighting outputs

21MTC connector version has two additional logic outputs that can be converted to lighting outputs (Additional parts required)

250mA load per output

500mA total load of all function outputs with short-circuit protection

10 lighting effects with adjustable brightness

Adjustable frequency for blinking light effects

Free flow function mapping allocation (Functions F0 to F18)


Available in 8 or 21 pin decoders

Size - 25.5 mm x 15.5 mm x 4.5 mm

Decoder Function Mapping and Decoder Settings

The function mapping and decoder settings for the Plug & Go! decoders are setup to suit each individual model and designed to work with other sound and non-sound ESU decoders from DCC Solutions, enabling you to mix and match decoders amongst your collection and still be able to run them in the same way together. But don't forget, that the functions can be remapped to suit your own personal preference or if your DCC System is restricted to 12 functions or less.
To learn more about how to use the functions beyond F9 see the Info & Help page.

Function                   Description
      0   (HEADLIGHT)         Directional Headlights




      4                             Dynamic Brake Logic  (if appicable)

      5                             All Lights Directional   (if appicable)


      7                             Shunting Mode

      8                             Virtual Drive Sound     (if running with an ESU sound equipped loco)

      9                             AUX 1                          (Addtional Lighting 1)

    10                             AUX 2                          (Addtional Lighting 2)




    14                             Dimmer