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DCCS - "Hurricane Single" High Performance Dynamic Speaker 11x15mm

New to the range of High-Performance Dynamic Speakers for DCC Sound locomotives is the “Hurricane” by DCC Solutions. One of their most popular and best-selling speakers the “Thunder” has been around since 2013, and it now finally gets a big brother the DCCS – “HURRICANE” with a deeper speaker enclosure that has been increased to 9 mm creates a bigger sound chamber delivering increased volume and bass output levels.


The DCCS - “HURRICANE” is a compact rectangular speaker that has incredibly big sound across a large frequency range when fitted inside our precision engineered enclosure while outputting an impressive sound by providing a 69cubic mm Air Pumping Capacity. The more air a speaker can move, the louder the speaker can get, in a nutshell.


Now with a 78% increase in the sound chamber size compared to the original “Thunder” speaker, the “Hurricane” has more air pumping space for the speaker to increase the level of sound and bass output. Featuring 8-ohm Impedance, the DCCS – “HURRICANE” is suitable for use with ESU LokSound, Soundtraxx Tsunami, TCS WOW, and Digitrax sound decoders.


Unique features of the DCCS - “HURRICANE” include:

• Enclosure designed and manufactured by DCC Solutions

• Fully sound tested for quality reassurance prior to sale

• Size with Enclosure: 17.00×13.00 mm

• Height with Enclosure: 9.30 mm

• Nominal Power Output: 1 Watt

• Impedance: 8 ohms

• Frequency Range - 100Hz~20kHz

• Sound Pressure Level - 73db• Max. Sound Pressure Level - 89db

• Air Pumping Capacity - 69 mm³


This speaker will fit in the following models:

Austrains NR

DCCS - "Hurricane Single" High Performance Dynamic Speaker 11x15mm

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