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Southern Rail Vlocity DMU DCC Sound Installation

Released November 2014 - Installations Now Available

In November 2001, Bombardier Transportation in Dandenong, Victoria was initially assigned to build 29 two-carriage Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) This was later extended to 38. The design was an evolution of the  NSW Xplorer/Endeavour DMU railcars.  During testing, it was found that the noise levels in the cabin were to high so modifications had to be made delaying the introduction of the VLocity until 22 December 2005 on the Ballarat line. In 2006 they were introduced onto the Geelong and Bendigo Lines followed by services on the Gippsland and North-East Lines. On 10 November 2008, seven-carriage-long VLocity trains commenced regular operation on peak-hour Geelong line services.

After the initial order of 38 units, a further two VLocity units were later ordered to bring the total to 40, along with 22 new intermediate trailers to be inserted in the middle of existing VLocity sets.

In November 2012, the Victorian State Government announced an additional 40 carriages to be delivered between 2014 and 2016. The order will comprise of seven additional 3-car sets plus 19 intermediate cars. This was later increased to 43 carriages.

In November 2014, Southern Rail Models released the V/LINE VLOCITY DMU SETS which includes the 21 Pin MTC socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder and a speaker installed making it a simple solution for sound. All lights operate directional in DC.

A second run of the Vlocity was released in May 2016 which includes a basic DC/DCC non sound decoder.

The only 21 Pin Sound decoders on the market at the moment suitable for this model is the ESU Loksound V4.0 and the non-sound LokPilot V4.0.

The use of any other brand of DCC decoder will not allow all the lights to function correctly.

The Sounthern Rail Vlocity was released in two body versions: Original and Modified.

 Original Vlocity: --- Two Headlights in the middle (centre). 

Modified Vlocity: --- The Two Extra Headlights on either side; are for COUNTRY USE ONLY and are not to be used when in built up CITY AREAS.

These extra two headlights are High Intensity Discharge which give off a super high beam for up to 1 kilometre which is focused toward the centre  of track like a "V"



1)  Individual on/off control of the front and rear headlights

2)  Directional control of front/rear marker lights and ditch lights

3)  Individual on/off control of the interior lights.

4) Directional control of Headlights, Marker Lights and Ditch Lights on one function button.

The DCC Solutions Vlocity DMU Custom Sound Project packed with sounds and features!

Our Custom Sound Project is now available

The Vlocity Custom Sound Project includes:

Two new features have been added to our Custom Sound Project. Coasting on demand and a working Independent Brake.

Coasting on Demand
This feature allows you to enter coasting mode whenever you what with a press of a button.Often when coming to a stop, the throttle of a real locomotive is put into Idle and the engineer coasts to a stop. Another situation that occurs is that once a train is up to speed when operating over
rolling terrain, the engineer can coast to maintain a certain speed. By pressing the coast function button, the sound drops from wherever you are to idle and remains there. Using the throttle speed control, you can now speed up or slow down the train with the sound remaining constant, at idle.
Press the function button to exit coasting and the sound will exit idle and return to whatever speed is set when exiting.
Independent Brake
Simply press the Independent Brake Function button and your loco will come to a stop at a much short distance than if you were to bring the loco to a stop by reducing the speed throttle.Press the function button to release the brake and your loco will move off again.

Plus these great features:

  • Cummins Prime Mover Sound
  • Coasting On Demand
  • Working Independent Brake.
  • Short and Playable City / Country Horns.
  • Doors opening and closing sound
  • Random Start-up sequences.
  • Air and Brake Release Sounds when loco moves off and stops including Brake Squeal.
  • When the loco stops after braking the compressor cuts in to fill the reservoir and will turn off when the tanks are full.
  • Speed sensitive Wheel Squeal and Rail Noise when the loco moves off.
  • Stop & Drive Random Sounds including, compressor, rail noise, track wheel squeal, air releases
  • Wheel Flange Squeal
  • Guard's Whistle
  • Low beam/High beam Headlight.
  • Correctly functioning lights with inteiorr lights on a seperate function button.
  • Motor settings and sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the SRM Vlocity DMU Model.
  • Super Slow Speed performance - We have tweaked the motor control settings to move off slowly and build up speed like the prototype.
  • Individual master sound volumes can be adjusted by the user to suit personal running requirements.
  • Full 28 function button remapping to suit your personal requirements.
  • Here is the selection of sound and function labels using the ESU V4.0 sound decoder


    Premium Sound Installation 

    Function                   Description  
          0                             Marker Lights and Ditch Lights (Directional)

          1                             City Horn

          2                             Country Horn

          3                             City/Country Horn

          4                             Doors Opening/Closing

          5                             Coasting

          6                             Brake

          7                             Shunting Mode             

          8                             Start Up/Shut Down

          9                             Low Beam Headlights (Directional)

         10                            Interior Lights 

         11                            Front Headlight (on/off)

         12                            Rear Headlight (on/off)

         13                            Headlight/Markers/Ditch Lights (All Directional)

         14                            Country Short Horn

    Function                   Description  
        15                             Fan 

        16                             Compressor

        17                             Brake Squeal on Deceleration

        18                             Wheel Squeal

        19                             Guard's Whistle

        20                             Volume Control (+/-) Double Key Press

        21                             Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

        22                             High Beam Headlights

        23                             Cab Door Opening/Closing

        24                             Air Conditioner Compressor

        25                             City Short Horn

        26                             Short Air Release

        27                             Rail Clank

        28                             Disable Start Off and Stopping Sounds

    Note: The above function mapping is for the LokSound V4.0 Sound Decoders programmed with the VLocity DCC Custom Sound Project.

    All the functions and sounds can be remapped to any function button that suits your own personal preference.

    To learn how to use all of our 28 functions see our Info and Help Page for more information.

                                                          Non Sound and Light Installation For ESU V4.0 LokPilot Decoder   
                                                                       0                      Markers/Ditch Lights (Directional)                             

                                                                       1                      Headlights (Directional)                                                      

                                                                       2                      Interior Lights                                                              

                                                                       3                      Front Headlight (On/Off)     

                                                                       4                      Rear Headlight (On/Off)                                            

                                                                       5                      All Lights (Directional)                                   

                                                                       6                      Low Beam Headlight                         

                                                                       7                      Shunting Speed (Reduces Speed 50%)           

                                                                       8                      Reserved                    

                                                                       9                      Reserved