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Southern Rail Models – V/Locity DMU Rail Cars

Function Mapping for Lighting

The V/LINE VLOCITY DMU SETS from Southern Rail includes the 21 Pin MTC socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder and a speaker installed making it a simple solution for sound.


When Southern Rail commenced development of this model they wanted to get the most lighting options available with the current range of DCC decoders on the market.  Moving forward with the choice of the 21 Pin Socket was to enable the user to simply plug in a DCC Decoder without the need of any additional wiring or soldering for the lights or sound speakers on the model.


With the growing trend of installing sound into locomotives, the model is delivered sound ready. Being an Australian locomotive, a sound file is not available from any decoder manufacturer, so a recording had to be made and a sound project developed especially for the V/Locity. With this, it left the choice limited to one decoder manufacturer that has decoders readily available in Australia  to supply a 21 Pin Sound Decoder that the sound project can be programmed and supply a 21 Pin Non Sound Decoder. The ESU LokSound V4.0 (Sound Decoder) and the ESU LokPilot V4.0 (Non Sound) became the decoder of choice.


With a high detail replica model of the V/Locity produced by Southern Rail, trying to reproduce how the lights operate as per the prototype becomes difficult as current decoders simply don’t have enough light outputs. The internal light boards on the V/Locity have been designed for the use with the ESU decoders allowing for the separate operation of Markers/Ditch Lights, Headlights and Interior Lights.


While this light setup might not suit everybody the good news is it can be changed to suit your own personal preferences. All ESU decoders sold by DCC Solutions are already programmed for lighting and can be setup to suit your requirements.

How to Map the Lights to Function Keys

ESU LokPilot V4.0

If you have purchased an ESU LokPilot V4.0 Decoder the interior lights will not operate. This is because AUX4 is not programmed by default to operate.


The function mapping of the ESU decoders is extremely complex. There are 640 CVs with 5120 possible combinations. They are all indexed CVs which means to change 1 CV will require you to change 3 CVs in succession to complete the change.

For those who have access to the ESU LokProgrammer or use JMRI (Decoder Pro) it is a simple task of ticking checkboxes to active AUX4 onto a function button and writing the changes to the decoder.

But, there are many out there that do their decoder programming via their DCC System Throttle.  As there a several DCC Systems on the market please consult your manual on how to change CV values.


The lights will operate out of the box by default on the ESU Lokpilot V4.0 as follows:

LIGHTS                                                       OUTPUT                        FUNCTION


 Front Markers/Ditch Lights                          Front Light                  F0 or Headlight


 Rear Markers/Ditch Lights                           Rear Light                   F0 or Headlight          


 Front Headlight                                                 AUX1                               F1


 Rear Headlight                                                  AUX2                               F2


 Interior Lights                                                    AUX4                           Not Active 

Mapping the Interior Lights on F3


Input these values into 6 CVs in the following important order:


  1. Enter the value of 16 into CV31
  2. Enter the value of 2  into CV32
  3. Enter the value of 32  into CV426
  4. Enter the value of 16 into CV31
  5. Enter the value of 2  into CV32
  6. Enter the value of 32  into CV442


 Your interior lights will now operate on/off on F3.


Directional Headlights


The headlights do not operate directionally only on/off. For those that would like directional headlights.

Input these values into 6 CVs in the following important order:


  1. Enter the value of 16 into CV31
  2. Enter the value of 2  into CV32
  3. Enter the value of 0  into CV378
  4. Enter the value of 16 into CV31
  5. Enter the value of 2  into CV32
  6. Enter the value of 0  into CV394


Your headlights will now operate by turning on F1 and F2 but will turn on/off with direction of travel.


ESU Loksound V4.0

DCC Solutions have pre-programmed the lights to operate correctly. If purchasing a decoder from us you can specify how you would like the lights to operate as we have several combinations.

The changes described for the ESU LokPilot V4.0 are not suitable for the ESU LokSound V4.0 Decoder that you may have purchased from your ESU Retailer as the function mapping CVs will be different.