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Wuiske Models QR 1550/2400

DCC Sound Installation

Now available with a NEW Remastered
Custom Sound Project including the 
"Full Throttle - Drive Hold" feature

The 1550 class was a class of diesel locomotives built by Clyde Engineering, Eagle Farm for Queensland Railways between 1972 and 1976. The 1550 class were the first locomotives in Queensland to be fitted with low noses. An initial order for 16 locomotives was followed by 11 that were financed by the Queensland Phosphate mining group. The second batch differed in having a lower roofline to give better clearance when operating under wires.

Two have been scrapped, while between 1997 and 2004, 19 were rebuilt as 2300 class locomotives and six as 2250 class locomotives at Redbank Railway Workshops.

In January 2015, Wuiske Models Haskell Co released their QR 1550 Class Locomotives which includes an 8 Pin socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder.The models are available in both HOn3½ (12mm) and HO (16.5mm) gauges with three versions to suit modelers from 1973-2006 eras.

For this installation we recommend the ESU LokSound Range of 8 Pin decoders, such as the LokSound V4.0 (Sound), LokSound Select (Sound) or LokPilot V4.0 (No Sound) for those not wishing sound. Alternatively you may wish to choose the TCS (Train Control Systems) range of 8 Pin non sound decoders. We offer several different options of DCC installation for this model to suit all budgets and can also supply decoders and speakers for the DIY Installers.

The DCC Solutions 1550/2400 Class Custom Sound Project packed with sounds and features!

Our Custom Sound Project has been upgraded and now includes some new features:

Full Throttle – Drive Hold

This feature allows you to simulate a loaded or empty train by pressing the F1 function button. When the button is pressed, the motor will remain at a constant speed, while the sound can be controlled independently by adjusting the speed on the throttle. This exciting, new feature gives the operator the ability to have the train crawl in notch 8 or coast at 100 km/h. Release the Drive Hold function button and you simply go back to throttle-controlled speed and motion.

Coasting on Demand

Often when coming to a stop, the throttle of a real locomotive is put into Idle and the engineer coasts to a stop. Another situation that occurs is that once a train is up to speed when operating over rolling terrain, the engineer can coast to maintain a certain speed. 

Pressing F5 will activate coasting on demand to suit your running environment allowing variable speed coasting so changes in speed will not turn it off. The Coast on Demand function will still remain on until you press F5 to turn off coasting. Additional random sounds are included when coasting is activated.

Independent Brake

Press the Independent Brake Function button and your loco will come to a stop at a much shorter distance than if you were to bring the loco to a stop by reducing the speed throttle. Press the function button to release the brake and your loco will move off again. 

Automatic Cold and Hot Engine Start Up

We have added cold and hot engine start ups. Pressing F8 will activate the Cold Engine Start Up the first time you start the loco. Shut the loco down by pressing F8 again. If the loco is left on a powered track the sound project will remember the shutdown sequence and the next time you press F8 to start the loco it will commence the correct sequence with a Hot Engine Start. 

Also included are random pre-engine start up/shut down sequences so that your loco will not start up and shut down exactly the same every time.

Move Off and Stopping Sounds
These are all automatic sounds plus some random sounds programmed into our Custom Sound Project that are activated with the moving off and stopping of the locomotive to add to the realism.and they can be disable using F28.
And includes all these great features to make your 1550/2400 Class drive and sound impressive.

  • EMD 12-645E Roots Blower Prime Mover.
  • Automatic Hot or Cold Engine Start.
  • 1550 Class Short and Long Horns.
  • Air and Brake Release Sounds when loco moves off and stops including Brake Squeal.
  • When the loco stops after braking the compressor cuts in to fill the reservoir and will turn off when the tanks are full.
  • Speed sensitive Wheel Squeal and Rail Noise when the loco moves off.
  • Full Throttle Drive Hold - Lock the loco speed and control the sound independently to simulate a heavy loaded or empty train
  • Dynamic Braking - Turn it on then reduce the throttle to active, increase the throttle to deactivate
  • Coasting On Demand
  • Working Independent Brake.
  • Coupling and Release with brake line release
  • Stop & Drive Random Sounds including fans, compressor, rail noise, track wheel squeal, air releases
  • And more (See below for full list)
  • Light Modification - Headlights with Marker Lights Directional or On/Off operation. Numbers Boards Directional or On/Off operation.
  • Low beam/High beam Headlight.
  • Motor settings and sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the Wuiske 1550/2400 Class Locomotive Model.
  • Slow Speed and Improved Motor Performance.
  • Modified track pick setup for improved running.
  • Full 28 function button remapping to suit your personal requirements
  • Individual master sound volumes can be adjusted by the user to suit personal requirements.
  • DCC Solutions High Performance Speaker delivering impressive sound.


Standard DCC Installation: Non sound decoder with no lighting modifications.

Standard Sound Installation: ESU Select decoder with ESU factory sound file number 93490 with standard speaker.

Premium Sound Installation: ESU LokSound V4.0 sound decoder with our Custom Sound Project EMD 12-645E with a roots blower to suit the Queensland Railways 1550/2400 Class Locomotive. Upgrade to our Dynamic High Performance Speaker to enhance the sounds. of our Sound Project.

Here is the selection of sound and function labels using the ESU V4.0 Sound Decoder


Premium Sound Installation and Light Modification

with ESU Full Throttle Drive Hold Feature

Function                   Description   
      0  (HEADLIGHT)        Directional Headlights

      1                             Full Throttle Drive Hold

      2  (HORN)                 Long Horn

      3                             Coupling (Reverse) /Uncoupling (Forward)

      4                             Dynamic Brakes

      5                             Coasting on Demand

      6                             Independent Brake

      7                             Shunting Mode/Reduces Speed 50%               

      8                             Prime Mover Cold/Hot Start Up/Shut Down/Mute

      9                             Front Numberboards On/Off

    10                             Rear Numberboards On/Off

    11                             Front Headlight/Markers On/Off

    12                             Rear Headlight/Markers On/Off

    13                             Directional Numberboards

    14                             Short Horn

Function                   Description   
    15                             Fan 

    16                             Compressor

    17                             Brake Set/Release On/Off

    18                             Wheel Flange Squeal

    19                             Reserved

    20                             Five Step Volume Control (+/-) 

    21                             Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%  

    22                             Low Beam Headlight

    23                             Cab Door Open/Close

    24                             Sanding Valves

    25                             Spitter Valves

    26                             Short Air Release

    27                             Rail Noise

    28                             Disable Move Off and Stopping Sounds

Note: The above functions are for the LokSound V4.0 Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Custom EMD 12-645 Roots Blower Sound Project. 

Only the LokSound V4.0 decoder can be used for this type of installation. Sounds and functions will be different when using the LokSound SELECT decoder.

To learn how to use these functions see the Info & Help page. All functions can be remapped for personal preference


Options Available                                                 

ESU LokPilot V4.0 (Non Sound Decoder)

TCS 8 Pin Non Sound Decoder

Choice of speakers

Supply only Decoders for DIY Installations