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Adjusting the Sound Volume on
DCC Solution Custom Sound Projects

The sounds in our Custom Sound Projects are set at relatively realistic operating levels for the scaled model it is intended to represent.
These volumes have been tested to provide the best overall sound when the model is stationary and running.
As we develop and test these sound volumes we are fully aware that not everyone will run their models in the same environment as our testing facilities.

So, because of this we have set the sound volumes as a starting point and these are not maximum levels.
With all of our Custom Sound Projects we have allowed the end user plenty of room to increase or decrease the volume to suit their own individual needs. So if you receive your model and it is not loud enough, don't worry as there is a way of making it LOUD! 

You can change individual sound slot volumes or a much easier way is to permanently set the master volume that best suits your operating environment (E.g. Home, Club, Expo) using CV63 - Range (0-192). 
The Installation Information Sheet provided with your installation will have the programmed default value for your sound project.

How to change the master volume using your NCE Power Cab Throttle.

This is best done on the Programming Track 

but you can Program On the Main

Using the Programming Track (will display the value of CV63)

1. Press the PROG/ESC button four times to display USE PROGRAM TRACK.

2. Press ENTER to use the programming track.

3. The screen will display 1=STD  2=CV  3=REG

4. Press 2 to use CV

5.The screen will display PROG CV NUM: _

6. Enter 63 and press ENTER

7. The screen will display PROG CV.....CV NUM 063 =  XXX

8. Enter your new value.

9. Press ENTER.

10. The screen will display PROG CV NUM: _

11. Press the PROG/ESC to exit.

Using Program On the Main (will NOT display the value of CV63)

1. Press the PROG/ESC button once to display PROGRAM ON MAIN

2. Press ENTER

3. Enter the Program Loco Number and press enter.

4. The screen will display 1=ADR  2=CV  3=CFG

5. Press 2 to use CV

6.The screen will display PROG CV NUM: _

7. Enter 63 and press ENTER

8. The screen will display ENTER VALUE:

9. Enter your new value.

10. Press ENTER.

11. The screen will display PROG CV NUM: _

12. Press the PROG/ESC to exit.


For users of different DCC Systems, refer to your user manual for information on programming CVs.