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DCC Solutions – Quality DCC Sound Installations

How we can help you:

Professional DCC Decoder Installations, DCC Sound Installations, DCC Lighting Modifications, DCC Custom Installations, DCC Related Repairs, DCC Decoder Reprogramming and just about anything you can think of about DCC. 


With over 10 years of DCC installation experience, we know what we are talking about when it comes to DCC.


Thinking of converting your model locomotive to DCC and possibly sound. 

Well, browse this page to see some possible DCC Sound Installations available with special modifications to enhance your DCC operating experience. Not interested in sound, don't worry, we can still help convert to DCC. 


Our installations are not restricted to the models listed here, so contact us about the possibilities of having your favourite locomotive converted to DCC with our decoder recommendations or your preferred decoder today. Maybe you found an old loco you have had in storage and think it can't be converted, well just contact us to find out as you will be surprised at some of the locos we have converted to DCC. 


Although we specialise working on Australian models, we also convert American, British and European locos so those modellers are not left out. Model Scales include O, HO, HOn3 and N.



Click on a page below to view Sound Installations available for Selected 

NSW, VIC, SA, QLD, WA and Australian National Locomotives.

NSW Railways

DCC Sound Installations

for NSW Locomotives

SA Railways

DCC Sound Installations

for SA Locomotives

VIC Railways

DCC Sound Installations

for VIC Locomotives

QLD Railways

DCC Sound Installations

for QLD Locomotives

WA Railways

DCC Sound Installations

for WA Locomotives

National Railways

DCC Sound Installations

for State & National Locomotives

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