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News and Updates

The latest news from DCC Solutions

23rd November 2023 – “NEW” Customised Speaker to Suit the Eureka NSW 40 Class

New to the range of High-Performance Dynamic Speakers for DCC Sound locomotives is the “Hurricane C40” by DCC Solutions to suit the Eureka Models NSW 40 Class. Designed to fit directly into the rear of the model, this twin speaker setup will impress you with the quality of sound, delivering increased volume and bass output levels.

Partner this speaker with the DCC Solutions Custom NSW 40 Class Sound Project, and it will make your 40 Class model an impressive driving and sounding loco that will turn heads.

20th November 2023 – NSW Tangara and V-Set Class Rear Car Sound Installation

The DCC Solutions sound installations for the NSW Tangara and V-Set Passenger Trains has now been upgraded to include an ESU LokSound FX 5 sound decoder for the rear cars. Previously, only a non-sound FX decoder was installed in the rear car to operate the lights, but we have now completed a Custom Sound Project to add sound to the rear cars.

The rear car sound projects include all the sound and features found on our front car sound projects, and that's something you will not find elsewhere. If you want the right sound for these passenger trains, then DCC Solutions is the place.

9th November 2023 – Australian Railway Models (ARM) D55 Class Sound Installation

The DCC Solutions sound installation for the new ARM D55 is now available. Our Custom D55 Sound Project includes the option for a coal or oil burner locomotive and includes all the sound and features of our steam sound projects that you will not find elsewhere. If you want the right sound for your D55 class loco, then DCC Solutions is the place.

An installation page for the ARM D55 will be available on the NSW Railways installation page soon.

30th October 2023 – Australian Railway Models (ARM) D55 Class Loco has Arrived

DCC Solutions has received the NSW D55 Class 2-8-0 Consolidation Type Standard Steam Locomotive Model for DCC testing.

The model comes with an 8 pin socket for a DCC decoder, but the space to fit a decoder is…well let's say extremely limited and really only suited for a micro DCC decoder. As for fitting sound inside the loco itself, well that's the challenge, unless everything goes in the tender and you either hard-wire the loco to the tender or go through the long process of installing a connector between the two.

For those interesting in a sound installation – “Watch this space!”

23rd October 2023 – Online Store - New Payment Method

DCC Solutions now accepts PayPal – Pay in 4 as a payment method in our online store.

Buy now, pay later with PayPal. Buy what you want now and pay later for purchase amounts of $30 to $2000

Make 4 interest-free payments with the first payment at checkout, then three repayments, one every two weeks using your debit card, credit card or bank account with PayPal.

29th June 2023 - Auscision NSW Tangara Passenger Train Sound Project now available

DCC Solutions has now completed a new custom sound project for the NSW Tangara.

A High Performance Twin Dynamic Speaker has also been developed and manufactured for a direct fit in the speaker space provided inside the Auscision Tangara model to partner the sound project.

Visit the Auscision Tangara Installation Page for more info.

25th May 2023 – Trainorama 47 and 49 new release models are now available

Trainorama has released new models of the NSW 47 and 49 Class locomotive model.

DCC Solutions is now offering DCC and DCC Sound installations for these new models.

The DCC Solutions Custom 47 and 49 Sound Projects will bring your models to life with fantastic sound when partnered with our new High Performance Dynamic Twin Speaker to replace the factory speaker.

30th January 2023 – Auscision 44 Class models released

Auscision has released the NSW 44 Class locomotive model. Installations and sound upgrades now available.

NOTE: Our Sound Project is NOT the Generic ESU sound from Auscision.......It's Better!

We can upgrade your factory DCC sound model with the feature packed DCC Solutions Custom 44 class Sound Project.

And for those who purchased a DC model, we can carry out a full sound installation.

9th January 2023 – Planning a Layout—DCC Explained

New to DCC, planning a layout or looking at converting your existing DC layout to DCC?

Well, we have added an article that helps explain DCC and what you need to start up as you plan to move forward in the world of DCC (Digital Command Control)

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