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Auscision 280HP Walker Diesel Railcar

 DCC Sound Installation

Now available with our NEW Remastered Custom Sound Project

including "Full Throttle - Drive Hold" feature

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About the VIC Walker Rail Motors.

The Walker rail motors were a type of diesel railcar operated by the Victorian Railways.

An initial order of twelve 102 hp (80 kW) railcars, six 153 hp (110 kW) railcars with trailers, and twelve 280 hp (210 kW) railcars was placed with Walker Brothers, England. It was then extended to include a further ten 153 hp (110 kW) rail motors and trailers. The first was delivered in 1948, with additions to the fleet running through to 1955.

The 280HP Walker railcars with their central power unit together with two driving/sitting cars and the inherent additional length allowed them to be easily distinguished from their 102HP and 153HP smaller cousins.

The first 280HP Walker railcar, 80RM, entered service on 6 June 1950. These railcars were numbered from 80RM to 91RM inclusive. The final run of a 280HP Walker railcar in Victorian Railways service occurred on 17 September 1980.

Locations that the 280HP Walker railcars operated to included Woodend, Portland, Bendigo, Mansfield, Deniliquin, Daylesford, Wonthaggi, Wangaratta, Werribee, Maryborough and Kyneton.

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