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How to use F10 to F28 Function Control
with NCE Power Cab System and Pro Cab Throttles


All the DCC Solutions Sound Projects have been set up to make full use of the 28 Functions available on the ESU LokSound decoders when using the NCE DCC Systems.


The function allocations are generally the same for all of our Sound Projects.

That way, our customers with multiple DCC Solution's Sound Equipped Locomotives know that the same function button on all their locos will perform the same sound or function.

The DCC Solutions Function Mapping is split into 3 zones.

  • Zone 1 – Functions F0 to F8 are used for general operating and running your loco.

  • Zone 2 – Functions F9 to F14 are used for optional light operations available for your loco.

  • Zone 3 – Functions F15 to F28 are used for additional sounds and features of the sound project.


At DCC Solutions, we have found over the years this is a good all round function mapping setup for DCC users. DCC Solutions is aware users have their own personal preference, so all functions in our Sound Projects can be remapped onto any function key of your choice to suit your personal requirements.


The buttons on the NCE Throttles allow operating the first 12 functions. However, there is an additional feature allowing the user to access the Functions 13-28 but requires the user to reprogram the throttle so that the OPTION button can be used to access functions 13-28.

Below is a “How to” showing the steps required to reprogram your NCE Throttle.



For users of different DCC Systems, refer to your user manual for information on using your function buttons.


Digitrax Users: Requires the DT402 Super Throttle and above to use 28 Functions.

MRC Users: The PRODIGY EXPRESS 2 Systems and above to use 28 Functions

Hornby Users: Select Controller – F0 to F9 Only [Time to upgrade your system!]

Bachmann Users: E-Z Command Controller– F0 to F9 Only [Time to upgrade your system!] Use E-Z Command Plus for F0-F28.

Here at DCC Solutions, we offer Light Modifications to a large selection of locomotives to provide a more prototypical lighting operations. On some models we can do the full prototypical light operation.

On a Standard Light modified locomotive, the lighting options can be found on F0 and F9-F14. And of course you need to know how to use your lights, so here is how it's done.

NCE PowerCab_Function Buttons.jpg

How to operate the F0 to F9 functions on your locomotive





The keys 0 through 9.

When operating a loco, if a number key is pressed, it toggles the corresponding function on the loco. Used to access FUNCTIONS 1 to 9.

To access the function F9, you simply press 9



At the bottom of the NCE throttle, there are 4 buttons to access F10 to F12

When the SHIFT button is pressed and held while pressing another key on the cab, the alternate value of that key can be used.

To access the function F10, you simply press SHIFT and PROG/ESC at the same time to activate FUNCTION 10. Repeat the procedure to turn the function off.

To access the function F11, you simply press SHIFT and EXPN at the same time to activate FUNCTION 11. Repeat the procedure to turn the function off.

To access the function F12, you simply press SHIFT and 28/128 at the same time to activate FUNCTION 12. Repeat the procedure to turn the function off.

How to operate the DCC Solutions 28 functions on your locomotive





The OPTION button marked      (see picture) can be reprogrammed for use to access FUNCTIONS 10 to 28. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Turn on your system and unplug the cable from your cab (Throttle)

  2. Press and hold down the SELECT LOCO while plugging the cable back into your cab. The cab will now enter the initial setup program. At any time, you may press PROG/ESC to exit.

  3. Press enter FOUR (4) or possible FIVE (5) times depending on your cab's firmware until your screen reads PROG OPTION KEY…KEY VALUE = 94.

  4. Enter a new value of 122 and press ENTER

  5. Press PROG/ESC to exit.


Once reprogrammed, pressing OPTION once will display F10 – F19 and pressing a number key 0-9 will toggle that number plus 10.

Pressing OPTION twice will display F20 – F28, and pressing a number key 0-8 will toggle that number plus 20.


Press OPTION once, then 5 will activate F15. Repeat the same procedure to turn F15 off.

Press OPTION twice, then 5 will activate F25. Repeat the same procedure to turn F25 off.

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