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Lloyds/Footplate Z26 Tank DCC Sound Installation

with Keep-Alive™

The Lloyds /Footplate Models NSWGR Z26 2-6-2T Locomotive is a white metal kit and requires assembly either by low melt solder or glue. Once assembled and painted it provides a nicely detailed model.

As with most white metal steam locomotives the electrical pickup used on these kits are called "half live" where the locomotive chassis collects current from the live wheels on the right-hand side and the tender is insulated from the locomotive and current is collected from the wheels on the left-hand side. The installation of additional wheel pickups on the locomotive and the installation of a Keep-Alive™ is preferred to supply power to the decoder during times of power interruption due to problematic or dirty track work.

In this installation we have chosen the ESU LokSound Micro V4.0 Sound Decoder and the TCS KA2 Keep-Alive™.


Upgrade the locomotive electrical pick up by adding additional pick ups. For better quality sound we have installed the speaker in a sound enclosure to eliminate the sound waves produced from the back of the speaker, mixing with the sound waves produced from the front of the speaker. Avoiding this will produce sound that has less volume, lower bass and will sound “tinny”. The sound difference is remarkable. We have tweaked the motor control to provide super smooth slow speeds at steps 1-10 of 128 which is perfect for those wanting the locomotive to move off slowly and build up speed like the prototype or for shunting purposes.


Function                       Description  

0                              Headlight/Dynamo

1                              Short Whistle

2                              Long Whistle

3                              Coupler

4                              Cylinder Blowout

5                              Guard’s Whistle

6                              Headlight Dimmer

7                              Shunting Mode/Reduces Speed 50%

8                              Start Up/Shut Down/Mute Sound

9                              Reverse Whistle Blow

10                              Forward Whistle Blow (If Available)

11                              Fire Box Door   

Function                       Description  

12                            Coal Shovelling

13                            Blower

14                            Air Pump

15                            Safety Valves

16                            Injectors

17                            Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

18                            Flange Squeal

19                            Ash Pan

20                            Rail Clank

21                            Sanding

22                            Doppler Effect

23                            Volume Control (+/-) Double Key Press

Demonstrating the TCS KA2 Keep-Alive™ in a Z26 locomotive

Running at slow speed the loco travels over the tape on the track with the sound on and shows no hesitation with motor or sound.

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