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ESU Sound Projects

DCC Solutions Custom Sound Projects


At DCC Solutions, we recognise that model railway enthusiast like their locomotives to operate and sound as close as the real thing.

So we are constantly looking at ways to achieve these requirements, spending endless hours working on all our custom sound projects to constantly improve them and make them sound more like the real thing!


The DCC Solutions sound projects are packed with sounds and features not found on other sound decoders, especially factory fitted sound.


Factory fitted sound only offers very basic sound and features

So why not get fully featured sound from DCC Solutions


Don't settle for generic sound, get the right sound!


Browse the installation pages to discover all the Custom Sound Projects that are available in our catalogue for Australian locomotives.


Currently, DCC Solutions does not have Custom Sound Projects available for the LokSound 5 FX, LokSound 5 FX DCC.

Projects for these decoders are under development and will be available in the future.


You will need access to a LokProgrammer to read out the specific decoder model version and the serial number of your ESU decoder.

Once you have added a Sound Project to the shopping cart and purchase it, we will contact you by email to obtain the required details to complete your purchase.

You will receive the Sound Project via email. 


Don't own a LokProgrammer? No worries!

You can send your loco or just the sound decoder to DCC Solutions and have it programmed at no extra cost.

Excludes postage.



Important Information You Need to Know About Purchasing a Sound Project

1. The DCC Solutions Custom Sound Project is limited to a single decoder use only.

2. It will only load onto a decoder that has the exact matching decoder model (version) and serial number you have provided to DCC Solutions, so that information needs to be 100% correct.

3. The Decoder Serial Number that has been provided by you, from an email request, is copied and pasted from that email to the Sound Project, so no errors are made by DCC Solutions

4. The pin configuration of the decoder is irrelevant to load the sound project so that information is not required.

5. No refunds or additional Sound Projects will be supplied for providing the incorrect serial number or if your decoder has been damaged and replaced. A new sound project will need to be purchased.

DCC Solutions Custom ESU Sound Projects

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