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The Universal Tender Bogie Pickups were designed for adding extra rail pickups to bogie wheelsets for HO locomotive tenders that traditionally have one set of bogies collecting track power on the right rail and the other bogie collecting track power on the left rail via the axles.
  However, they are universal and can be fitted to most bogies without any modification to the bogies as they are thin with perfect resilience that can be bent or cut to suit for either axle or wheel pickup. They are not restricted to tenders; also add them to passenger’s carriages when installing interior lighting. With the use of the modeller's imagination the Universal Tender Bogie Pickups can be used in many applications.
  Specially made of a multi-layer compound material with a mirror finish copper surface, wires can be directly soldered onto any part of the pickup. The pickup can be glued to the bogies using Zap-A-Gap CA+, Zap CA or similar glues.
  The Universal Tender Bogie Pickups provide minimal braking resistance (wheels are still able to roll very easily) with excellent track power pickup.
  For example the Austrains 36 Class Tender

Maximum allowable voltage: 30 V
Quantity: 2
Scale: HO


$6.95 Regular Price
$4.95Sale Price
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