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DCCS - "Twister Twin Long" High Performance Dynamic Speaker 13x18mm

New to the range of High-Performance Dynamic Speakers for DCC Sound locomotives is the “Twister Twin Long” by DCC Solutions.

One of our most popular and best-selling speakers, the “Grande” has been around since 2013. It became the speaker of choice, popular with modellers installing sound, as they were impressed with the quality and sound output from these small dynamic speakers.

Now it finally gets some new additions to expand its line-up.


The DCCS – “TWISTER TWIN LONG” consists of two Grande speakers installed in a precision engineered side-by-side long format in a deeper enclosure. The height of the enclosure has been significantly increased, compared to the original Grande speaker, to create a larger sound chamber to increase the volume and bass output levels from the speaker. The orientation of the speakers is that they are joined on the shorter side, creating a longer but narrow sized speaker, enabling it to be installed in locomotives where this type of space is available.


The grandeur of dynamic speakers, the DCCS – “GRANDE” produces incredibly big sound across a large frequency range when fitted inside our precision engineered enclosure while outputting an impressive sound by providing a whooping 82cubic mm Air Pumping Capacity per speaker. The more air a speaker can move, the louder the speaker can get; In a nutshell. Now with a 162% increase in the sound chamber size compared to the original “Grande” speaker, the “Twister Twin Long” has more air pumping space for each speaker to dramatically increase the level of sound output.


This twin speaker format is designed to be wired in parallel to provide 4-ohm impedance, perfect for ESU LokSound and Zimo* decoders. 


Unique features of the DCCS - “TWISTER TWIN LONG” include:

  • Triple magnet speaker technology for improved sensitivity
  • Enclosure designed and manufactured by DCC Solutions
  • Speaker sits inside enclosure for a permanent fit, not on top
  • Fully sound tested for quality reassurance prior to sale
  • Enclosure markings “+/-” for easy parallel wire connections
  • Size with Enclosure: 39.00 mm x 15.50 mm
  • Height with Enclosure: 12.00 mm
  • Nominal Power Output: 2 Watts
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency Range:  300Hz~20kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 73db
  • Max. Sound Pressure Level: 90.5db
  • Air Pumping Capacity: 82 mm³ per speaker


* This speaker is suitable for use in:

    Zimo Sound Decoders with a 4-8 ohm speaker rating.

    Models - MS440C, MS440D, MS450R, MS450P, MS581N

DCCS - "Twister Twin Long" High Performance Dynamic Speaker 13x18mm

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