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ESU 58828 LokSound 5 DCC Micro Blank Decoder

This ESU LokSound 5 DCC Sound decoder is supplied blank and contains NO SOUND FILE. An ESU LokProgrammer is required to program a sound file onto this blank decoder.

We can load an ESU sound file of your choosing onto this decoder at no extra charge. Please have a look at the available ESU sound files, Click Here to go to the ESU Sound Library!


Changing the decoder CV’s can be facilitated by using your existing DCC Control System or even easier using the graphic interface of the ESU LokProgrammer which is available separately. 


NOTE : This decoder does NOT include a speaker.

Please visit our Speaker Section for a speaker suitable for all decoder brands that will best fit your installation.


This decoder is suitable for Casula Hobbies NSW Z12 and Z19 models.


ESU is proud to present the brand-new LokSound 5 sound decoder, and it is the most important member of the LokSound family. The LokSound 5 Micro is actually a “small miracle”. With a footprint of 21 mm x 10 mm, it is by far the smallest LokSound decoder, which we have ever built. Thus, it should fit into all N gauge and TT locomotives, but is also suitable for small HO locomotives. All LokSound 5 Micro decoders are equipped with a Next18 interface and are available with adapter plugs to suit all popular digital interface types.


The LokSound 5 Micro DCC decoder has a DCC & DC “Dual Mode” Operation, 2 or 4 Digit DCC Addressing, 14-28-128 Speed Steps, Locomotive Consisting and up to 32 Functions. It supports all DCC programming modes including POM (Programming on the Main) and also supports RailComPlus® that allows the decoders to register themselves automatically on suitable command stations. It also allows updating the internal firmware, making it future-proof. This means, the internal software on the decoder’s memory can be replaced by new versions supplied by ESU when new features, improvements, or bug fixes are released.


You would expect excellent motor control from a LokSound Decoder, and deservedly so! It would have to have the best motor control of any decoder, as the motor control of the LokSound 5 has been further improved. A variable PWM pulse frequency ranging from 10 kHz to 50 kHz assures perfect silent operation, particularly for coreless motors. Thus, the typical hum is a thing of the past. Load control can now be adjusted with up to 10 separate CVs, and thus will manage even the most difficult cases. The unique “Auto Tune” function facilitates the automatic calibration of the decoder to perfectly match the motor. The LokSound 5 Micro DCC decoder supplies sufficient motor current (up to 0.75 A) for the intended applications.


The LokSound 5 decoder can reproduce up to 10 channels simultaneously. Each channel offers up to 16 Bit / 31250 kHz, and thus we have finally achieved hi-fi sound quality on your layout. A class D audio power amplifier with up to 3W output power feeds the speakers with a permitted impedance of 4 – 32 Ohms. The huge 128 MBit sound memory assures sufficient storage capacity.


Despite its small dimensions, the LokSound 5 micro decoder has at least 6 amplified function outputs as well as one logic output. There are two more logic outputs on the Next18 interface, which alternately may be employed to control RC servos. Of course, all important lighting functions are supported. The brightness of each output may be adjusted separately.


Decoder Features:

  • NEXT18 Format — Direct Plug-In
  • Blank Ready for Programming with the ESU LokProgrammer
  • 0.7 Amp Current Rating
  • Operates on DCC & DC Analog
  • Next Generation BEMF with “Auto Tune”
  • 6 Amplified Function Outputs
  • Special Lighting Effects
  • Supports use of LEDs for lighting
  • Class D Audio Power Amplifier with up to 3W Output Power
  • 10 Channel Sound offers up to 16 Bit / 31250 kHz Hi-Fi Sound
  • Up to 32 Function Mappings
  • Overload protection for motor and function outputs
  • Size 21 mm x 10 mm (0.826” x 0.393”)
  • Uses 4, 8 or 16 Ohm Speakers
  • Speaker Not Included


We also stock a great range of speakers, including our own range of High Performance Dynamic Speakers for use with this Decoder. If your locomotive does not have a factory speaker installed, don't forget to check out our speaker section to include a speaker. Not sure which speaker is suitable for your locomotive, then contact us first before making a decoder purchase.

ESU 58828 LokSound 5 DCC Micro Blank Decoder

SKU: ESU58828
$220.00 Regular Price
$205.00Sale Price
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