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ESU Decoder for the Trainorama 44/930 Class

Simply “Plug and Play” with this ESU LokPilot 5 Basic Dual Mode DCC/DC decoder as it has been programmed by DCC Solutions with motor settings, lighting, and your loco DCC Address to suit the Trainorama NSW 44 Class or SA 930 Class models


This model has been released with 2 different decoder socket versions and utilises either the 8 Pin or 21 Pin socket for DCC installations.

To get the right decoder, simply look underneath the model and if it has white micro switches located in the fuel tank, then it is the 21 pin version. If there are NO switches, then it is the 8 pin version.

Enter the decoder version you require when purchasing the decoder.


We have adjusted the settings of the decoder for slow speed performance. Let us know your preferred loco DCC Address, and we will program the decoder to suit your model before we send it out.

So when the decoder arrives, simply plug it in and away you go. Nothing more for you to do, no additional programming, unless of course you want to personalise it to suit the rest of your fleet.


Suitable for the HO model 44/930 Class from Trainorama

The decoder will be pre-programmed before shipment to make your DCC installation a simple PLUG and GO!

Too easy!


Thinking about adding sound to your Trainorama 44/930 Class?

For more information about the NSW 44 Class Sound



For more information about the SA 930 Class Sound



DCC Solutions — Makes selecting the right decoder easy!

ESU Decoder for the Trainorama 44/930 Class

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