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Soundtraxx Econami

Since the release of new Soundtraxx Econami Sound Decoder, we get asked many questions about them, so we have compiled a short list of FAQs:


Is Econami a basic cut back version of the Tsunami?

No. The Econami decoder is a full-featured sound decoder offering many of the sound effects that you have come to expect from the Soundtraxx Tsunami, but at an affordable price.


Has the Econami replaced the Tsunami?

Yes. The Tsunami is now more than 10 years old, so Soundtraxx has produced the next generation of sound decoder.

The Tsunami will no longer be available at the end of March 2016, until the new Tsunami 2 is released.


What are the major differences between Econami and Tsunami?

The most noticeable difference is the smaller size of the Econami allowing for more options and better installations. Though these decoders do have similar features, the Econami is set with a 3rd generation CV roster, including 28-function support, and you gain additional features such as more whistles, cylinder cocks, 3-cylinder chuff, selectable compressors, bells, dynamos, couplers, and more! The biggest difference from the now discontinued Tsunami line is the loss of the Reverb Control and Mixer, Fireman Fred (Yippee!!) and the Cam function on the steam decoders.


What Pin Arrangement is available?

Both the Steam and Diesel Econami decoders are available with a hardwired harness and the 21 Pin socket.

There is no 8 pin plug available, just like the Tsunami.


Has the motor control improved?

Yes. The new Econami now includes Hyperdrive2 Advanced Motor Control, offering improved slow speed running and take off speed compare to the original Tsunami.

What sound files do I get in Econami?

This is a decoder packed full of sounds you have been accustomed to hearing on the Tsunami.

There is of course the horn and whistle, bell, and exhaust, but also included are compressors, blower, cylinder cocks, radiator fans, brake squeal, and release (including the popular braking effects!), water stop, coupler and more. Econami also introduces a decoder for electrics, light trolleys, and streetcars with many features adjustable to match the model! The sound files are designed to meet Soundtraxx top-selling sounds from the Tsunami. In the steam, you get a light, medium, heavy, and geared exhaust chuff with 16 whistles to select. In the diesel, you get EMD 567, 645-Turbo, 710-Turbo, Alco 244, and Modern GE FDL with 16 horns to select. The new Econami means you no longer have to purchase individual prime mover sound decoders, as they now are all in one decoders.


If it includes all those features, how is it called Econami?

Econami is a value product that performs 95% of the functions and features found on all high-end decoders, but at 75% of the cost. And because it covers a wider range of products, the Econami is much more economical to purchase, allowing you the flexibility to use them on a number of models. For example, with selectable exhaust, whistle, bell, and more, the Steam Econami will satisfy the heavy steam enthusiast as well as the early-steam era modeller with a single decoder. The same goes for Diesel Sound Decoders.


So if you liked the Tsunami then you will love the Econami and so will your wallet!!

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