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Learn More About The Volume and Fader Control Function

Volume Fader Control


Scenario 1:

There you are sitting at a train station waiting for your train.

In the distance, you see a freight train approaching, but you can faintly hear it.

As it comes closer, you now hear it, and it passes by louder than ever.

Then you turn your head and see it travelling into the distance, and the sound becomes faint again.


Scenario 2:

As the train passes by, you can really hear it.

It then enters a tunnel and the sound becomes faint.

It leaves the tunnel and the sound becomes loud.


Well now you can reproduce this on your very own layout by using the Volume Fader Control Function programmed by DCC Solutions using LokSound Decoders.


As your locomotive travels around your layout, press the Function Button for the Volume Fader and the sound will reduce to around 50% or less. Press it again and the sound will return to full volume.


Operating a continuous loop layout, then have full volume on the locomotive as they pass your onlookers at the front of your layout, then press the Volume Fader as the locomotive travels around the back of your layout.


With Point to point layouts have the sound fade away as it travels down the line.


As the locomotive enters a tunnel, reduce the sound with one button, then increase it as it comes out.


Just another way to enjoy operating a layout more like the real thing.


F21 is the Volume Fader up/down control, which is set at 50% to fade down. This level can be changed by altering the value of CV133 (0-128) with the default set at 64 (50%)


Volume Control Function


​Included in our sound projects is a Volume Control Button.


Either F20 or F4 depending on the sound project is an additional 5-step volume control and mute function.


By double pressing of the function button, the operator can set the volume level from 1=low to 5=high (Default).


This is a handy function which allows you to set the master volume level to your preferred level quickly and easily without having to change CVs.

You can change volumes while on the move, anywhere, anytime depending on your operation location.

Alternatively, you can permanently set the volume using CV63 – Range (0-192). Default = 192

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