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Trainorama GM Class DCC Sound Installation

with Lighting Modifications

This GM Class page will be updated soon to include all the new changes and remastered sound for this installation

The Trainorama GM includes an 8 Pin socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder plus a 4 pin sound ready speaker socket with two 8 ohm speakers making it a simple solution for sound.

In this installation we have chosen the ESU Loksound Range of 8 Pin decoders, such as the Loksound Select (Sound), LokSound V4.0 (Sound) or LokPilot V4.0 (No Sound)


Replacing the rear light with an LED and providing on/off control rather than directional using AUX 2.Separating the front markers and number boards from the headlight and operating them on AUX 1.For better quality sound using the factory installed speakers we need to install speaker sound enclosures to eliminate the sound waves produced from the back of the speaker, mixing with the sound waves produced from the front of the speaker. Avoiding this will produce sound that has less volume, lower bass and will sound “tinny”. The sound difference is remarkable.We have tweaked the motor control to provide super smooth slow speeds at steps 1-10 of 128 which is perfect for those wanting the locomotive to move off slowly and build up speed like the prototype.


Function Description

0                              Front Headlight

1                              Light Dimmer (Select) or Short Horn (V4.0)

2                              Long Horn

3                              Coupler

4                              Dynamic Brakes (If applicable GM37-47)

5                              Manual Notching (Up)

6                              Manual Notching (Down)

7                              Shunting Mode/Reduces Speed 50%

8                              Start Up/Shut Down/Mute Sound

9                              Front White Markers (AUX1)

10                            Rear Headlight (AUX2)

Function Description

11                            Reserved (AUX3)

12                            Reserved (AUX4)

13                            Brake Set/Release

14                            Short Air Let Off

15                            Radiator Fan

16                            Air Compressor

17                            Sanding Valve

18                            Guard's Whistle (V4.0)

19                            Pop Valve

20                            Reserved (Select) or Headlight Dimmer (V4.0)

21                            Radio Communications

22                            Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

 Lighting Modification

Separating the front markers and number boards

from the headlight

LokSound Select Sound Installed

Dual Speakers, speaker enclosure, front light board modification

and LED rear headlight

Operating the Modified GM Class Lighting

Options Available

ESU LokPilot Basic V1.0 (Non Sound Decoder)

TCS T4X (Non Sound Decoder)

TCS KAT14 with built in TCS Keep-Alive's™ for smooth operation over dirty track. (Non Sound Decoder)

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