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Commonwealth Railways Stainless Steel Carriages

In July 1965, Commonwealth Railways placed an order with Commonwealth Engineering in Granville, NSW for eight 75.2 feet (22.92 metres) air-conditioned stainless steel sleeping carriages and one dining carriage for use on the Trans-Australian service.

The first carriages were delivered in July 1966. Commonwealth Railways placed an order in May 1967 for a further 59 carriages in various configurations for use on the Indian Pacific. Further orders saw the fleet grow to a total of 124 carriages of which included 9 HGM power and guards vans numbered HGM202 to HGM205, HGM296 to HGM298, HGM316 and HGM317.

Of the 124 carriages, 60 were jointly owned by the New South Wales Government Railways, Commonwealth Railways and the Western Australian Government Railways for the Indian Pacific and the remainder owned by the Commonwealth Railways for the Trans-Australian service. In 1974 some vans were renumbered for Joint Carriage Stock accounting purposes, so vans HGM202 to HGM204 became HGM902 to HGM904 and van HGM316 became HGM900. In July 1975, all were included in the transfer of Commonwealth Railways to Australian National.

Since 1980, the carriages have been used on The Ghan from Adelaide to Alice Springs. During November 1983 until November 1987, they were used on The Alice from Sydney to Alice Springs. More recently they have been used on The Overland from Adelaide to Melbourne and The Southern Spirit.

In October 1997, all HGM vans were included in the transfer from Australian National to Great Southern Rail.

On the 2nd of December 1999, HGM205 was severely damaged in a rear end collision as part of the Glenbrook rail accident near Lapstone in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and was scrapped after the accident.

DCC with Sound and Light Modifications

In September 2020, Auscision released passenger carriage sets for the Indian Pacific®, The Ghan®, Southern Spirit® and the Great Southern® which included the HGM Power Vans as part of the sets.

The HGM vans include a 21 Pin socket for fitting a DCC decoder, plus a speaker enclosure that suits a 20×40 mm speaker.

There are micro switches under the model for turning the tail lamps on/off in DC. In DCC, all the tail lamps operate directional.


For this DCC installation, we recommend the ESU LokSound 5 FX (Sound) with our new Custom Sound Project for the HGM Power Vans or the LokPilot 5 (No Sound) for those not wishing sound.


We offer a light modification for the Auscision HGM Power Vans to separate the lights for a more prototypical operation

Standard factory lighting has the NSW and Commonwealth Railways red tail lamps in the model all “ON” in the direction of travel, requiring just 2 function lighting outputs in DCC.

Upgraded from the factory standard 2 to 4 Function lighting outputs with the DCC Solutions light modification, where we will separate the front/rear NSW red tail lamps and the front/rear Commonwealth Railways red tail lamps for individual DCC control. This allows you to operate either NSW of CR tail lamps, depending on which passenger service you are running. 

The DCC Solutions HGM Power Van Custom Sound Project includes sounds and features not found on other sound decoders,

especially factory fitted sound

Factory Fitted Sound only offers you the very basic sound 

So why not get fully featured sound from DCC Solutions

  • Custom Built HGM Power Van Sound Project

  • Three Separate GM Detroit Diesel 8V71 Series Diesel Engines

  • Three Separate Radiator Roof Fans

  • Speed Sensitive Wheel Squeal

  • Wheel Handbrake

  • Guard's Whistle

  • Opening/Closing Goods Doors with Loading/Unloading Parcels

  • Brake Squeal — Select From Six Different Types

  • Modified Lighting Option for more prototypical Tail Lamp light operation

  • Sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the Auscision HGM Class Power Van Model using the DCC Solutions speaker

  • Play 10 different sounds simultaneously

  • Individual sounds slots and master sound volumes can be adjusted by the user to suit personal requirements

  • DCC Solutions High Performance Twin Dynamic Speaker producing fantastic sound


Standard DCC Installation: Non-sound decoder with no lighting modifications

Premium Sound Installation: ESU LokSound 5 FX sound decoder with Custom HGM Sound Project-With No light modifications

Premium Sound Installation and Light Modification: Upgrade to 4 Function lighting outputs with the DCC Solutions Light Modification to separate tail lamp lighting for individual function control on your DCC throttle, plus our ESU LokSound 5 FX Custom HGM Class Sound Project

DCC Solutions SOUND and FUNCTION Labels

Premium Sound Installation and Light Modification using the ESU LokSound 5 FX

Note: The above functions are for the LokSound 5 FX Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Premium Custom Sound Installation with Light Modification.

The functions and sounds will be different from any standard generic ESU Sound Files or other Sound Decoders.

To learn how to use these functions, see the Info & Help page.

Auscision HGM Power Van
DCC Sound Installation with Light Modifications

Now available with a NEW​ HGM Power Van Custom Sound Project

Our Custom Sound Project now includes these fantastic features:

F0    Reserved

F1    Goods Doors — Load/Unload Parcels

F2    Reserved

F3    HGM Power Van-Generator + Radiator Fan #1

F4    HGM Power Van-Generator + Radiator Fan #2

F5    HGM Power Van-Generator + Radiator Fan #3

F6    Brake

F7    Brake Squeal on Deceleration

F8    Sound On/Off

F9    NSWGR Tail Lamp Front On/Off

F10  NSWGR Tail Lamp Rear On/Off

F11  CR Tail Lamp Front On/Off

F12  CR Tail Lamp Rear

F13  Directional NSWGR Tail Lamps

F14  Directional CR Tail Lamps

F15  Radiator Roof Fans

F16  Reserved

F17  Reserved

F18  Wheel Squeal

F19  Guard's Whistle

F20  Volume Control

F21  Volume Fader — Reduces Sound 50%

F22  Reserved

F23  Wheel Hand Brake

F24  Reserved

F25  Reserved

F26  Reserved

F27  Guard's Door

F28  Reserved

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