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ESU - Speaker 16 x 35mm 8 ohm 1 watt w/ Enclosure For All Decoder Brands

$15.80 $18.95

This ESU medium sized oval speaker is a perfect fit for many narrow body diesel locomotives and larger steam locomotive tenders. Producing great sounds this speaker will bring your sound locomotive to life.  :)


This speaker will fit inside the speaker enclosures built into the chassis of the following locomotives:



ESU 50325 Speaker

  • 16x35mm
  • Height: 9.5mm with enclosure
  • 8 ohm
  • 1 Watt
  • Sound Enclosure Included

The speaker is suitable for use with LokSound 5, LokSound V4.0, LokSound Select, LokSound Select Direct, LokSound L and LokSound XL decoders.     

The speaker is also suitable for use with most Soundtraxx, TCS, Digitrax, QSI, Zimo and MRC sound decoders. Check the decoder specifications before installation of this speaker.

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