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DCCS- Speaker 20 x 40mm 8 ohm 2 watt w/ Enclosure For All Decoder Brands

$17.00 $19.95

New to the DCCS range of speakers is this large sized rectangle speaker which is a perfect fit for many "HO" and larger "O" Scale diesel or steam locomotives and fits many recent release models from Auscision, and come with a speaker enclosure included.

Producing great sounds and volume 


This speaker will fit inside the speaker enclosures built into the chassis of the following locomotives:

Auscision NSWGR 421.422, 43, 442, 46, 86, XPT CLASS 

Auscision VICR  C, N,  CLASS 

Auscision SAR  AN, 700 CLASS 

Auscision GT46-ACe

Also custom fit into any locomotive that has enough space.

The speaker is suitable for use with LokSound Select, LokSound V4.0, LokSound V4.0 Micro, LokSound L and LokSound XL decoders.

The speaker is also suitable for use with most Soundtraxx, TCS, Digitrax, and MRC sound decoders that require an 8 ohm speaker. Check the decoder specifications before installation of this speaker.


DCCS-"20408E' Specifications:


Total Height with Enclosure - 12mm


Total Size with Enclosure - 42.15mm x 22.25mm


Impedance - 8 ohms


Nominal Power Rating - 2.0 Watt


Max Power Rating - 3.0 Watt


Frequency Range - 200Hz~20kHz


Max. Sound Pressure Level - 83db



Sound Enclosure Included


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