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ESU LokPilot FX V4.0 Function Only - 8 Pin

$44.00 $50.00

One of the new items from ESU is the LokPilot Fx V4.0. This small but nice function decoder has no motor output and is perfectly made for light functional models. As it speaks DCC with RailCom® as well as Motorola® and Selectrix® it can be operated with all common digital command stations. Its flexible 28 function key allocation and the various light effects are typical ESU V4 decoder features. The LokPilot FX V4.0 is available in two interface versions: the “classic” 8-pin NEM 652 wire harness version as well as a 21MTC interface version.


The LokPilot FX V4.0 DCC can be used in combination with all DCC systems on the market. It can also be used for DC operation and recognises operational modes automatically "on-the-fly". You can assign the decoders to 2-digit, 3-digit (1-127) or 4-digit (1-9999) addresses


The LokPilot FX V4.0 can also be operated with a LokSound V4.0 and a LokPilot V4.0 decoder: Therefore it´s possible to e.g. install a LokSound V4.0 decoder into the loco of a consist and equip the trailer car or passenger car with a LokPilot FX V4.0. Provided they have the same address, the decoders will act absolutely identical. The identical CV arrangement makes the synchronisation of both decoders easier.


The LokPilot FX V4.0 decoder has 6 function outputs in the 8 Pin Plug version. For the 21MTC version it has 4 functions + 2 Logical for AUX3 and AUX4. All the important light functions are available and the brightness of each output can be adjusted separately. Outputs are short circuit protected


Decoder Specifications:

Size: 0.69 x 0.61 x 0.22 Inch (17.5 x 15.5 x 5.5 mm)

Connection: 21MTC

Functions: 8 Pin Plug (6) 250mA outputs (500mA Total)

Functions: 21MTC (4) 250mA outputs (500mA Total) + 2 Logical

Protocol: Multi-Protocol including Marklin (NMRA DCC Compliant Options Available)


Part No. Description


54620    LokPilot FX V4.0 DCC, 8 Pin Plug

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